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Gould's Turkey Hunts Offered from Rio Sonora Outfitters in Sonora and Chihuahua MexicoHunts Offered from Rio Sonora Outfitters in Sonora and Chihuahua MexicoHunts Offered from Rio Sonora Outfitters in Sonora and Chihuahua MexicoHunts Offered from Rio Sonora Outfitters in Sonora and Chihuahua MexicoRio Sonora References

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I want to thank you for visiting the site!

Brad Fulk, the owner of Rio Sonora Outfitters, LLC was established in 1999, as a result of a deep interest in hunting Coues Whitetail Deer in Southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. After returning from a Coues Hunt in Sonora, the necessities of offering a trophy quality Coues Whitetail hunt was determined and a plan was quickly put into action. By the 2000-01 seasons end, RSO had taken a strong stance in the trophy Coues Whitetail hunting circuits and has continued to do so ever since, year after year.

Brad’s professional background is in Wildlife Biology, a career that has spanned over 25 years. After moving to Arizona in 1992, Brad began hunting Coues Whitetail in southeastern Arizona and soon realized this was the most challenging, impressive species of deer he had ever taken afield in pursuit of!  Brad also quickly became aware of the fact that hunting this mountainous species also meshed well with one of his favorite pastime of building and shooting long distance rifles. Reloading and making rifles shoot well was something intriguing and still is today, Coues Whitetail simply reinforced the need for it!

Brad shooting a custom .300 RUM

Above is the first rifle Brad built with the help of Bernie Morrison, of Morrison Precision in Hereford, AZ.  After a summer apprenticeship with Bernie, this rifle turned out just like planned and many trophy animals have fallen to it since, including a great Desert Bighorn Ram taken in 2007 by a friend and guide, Jason Greer and Trevor Gilluim’s 111" Coues buck he neck shot bedded at 510 yards. Most recently, in 2013, Brad was fortunate and took a once in a lifetime Coues Whitetail in Arizona that grossed 138-1/8” taken at 560 yards with the RUM shooting Berger 210 gr. VLD’s. .And the list goes on……..



Hunting is not just a business, it’s a tradition and one of my daughters, Brooklyn, now enjoys with me in Arizona and Mexico.  Below are a couple deer she took with her Custom .284 Winchester shooting 180 gr. Berger VLD’s

The most impressive aspect of the Outfitting business is the RSO guides!

Like the owner, the guides are all dedicated to Coues Whitetail deer and Gould’s turkey hunting! Hunting comes easy for them; it’s a tradition, what they do year after year, season after season and the results speak for themselves. Rest assured you are in great hands with any of the RSO guides!

Below is Team RSO and again, it can’t be stress enough as to how critical having great guides are to your success! Devere – When Garrett joined the Team in 2014, he brought a wealth of assets to the field at a young age. Not only is Garrett very effective at glassing and field judging bucks, but his video and editing abilities have added a missing component to the Team. From deer to turkeys and all species in between, Garrett offers everything to those that hunt with him, including a great attitude, personality and a desire to hunt more than anything else is impressive. Vincent - Pictured on the right with a client in Chihuahua, Mexico during a Gould's Hunt.

Jimmy is one of the original Team guides who began in 2001 and has been going strong ever since. I  just can't express Jimmy’s value to the team. Over the years Jimmy’s efforts has without a question, helped to make the business what it is today. Jimmy grew up in Douglas, Arizona and spent much of his life on their family ranch in Northern Sonora, Mexico and working as a cowboy on other ranches on both sides of the border. Jimmy is a true bilingual liaison with our Mexico partners. His great personality is an asset to RSO and is appreciated by all; clients, ranchers, cowboys, cooks and so on.  

 Greer- Pictured with a 109” Coues buck taken in Arizona.  Jason came to the business as another friend. Over the years, Jason became a close personal friend and hunting partner. His asset to RSO is irreplaceable and like the rest, his abilities in the field and personality is appreciated by all. Jason is a serious hunter, a hard worker, one that will go the extra mile for anyone to get the job done and take care of your needs! Huddleston - Pictured with a Desert Mule Deer during one of our Mexico hunts. Eric is a native from Douglas, AZ and grew up hunting the southeastern corner of the state primarily for Coues Whitetail. Eric is an accomplished hunter and has a polite, professional and quiet demeanor. Clients appreciate Eric's glassing abilities, patience and hard work ethics while in the field. He pushes forward and hunts hard even when things are slow. It's Eric's good nature and endless efforts that hunters appreciate the most.  I am honored to have a guide and friend like Eric on our team. Almada - Pictured with a trophy Antelope he took in Southeastern Arizona. 
Victor was born and raised in Douglas, AZ and has hunted his entire life. Victor began guiding for RSO in 2007, and quickly hit the ground running. At first light on day one of Victor's debut, he glassed a 120" buck that our client took later that evening. Victor has many beneficial qualities including; a skilled mechanic, bilingual, and an overall great person that everyone enjoys to be around. Victor is always offering a helping hand no matter how dirty the task. Victor’s loyalty, and hunting skills is appreciated by everyone and any clients would say the same. You are in the best care with Victor, he is irreplaceable, end of story!



Seth Doser – RSO is fortunate with the addition of Seth to the Team! Nothing speaks dedication and effort when it come to a hard - working guide. Seth is no different than the others and offers so much ability and knowledge as a young respected hunter and guide. Seth will work his tail off and go to any length to produce. His knowledge and abilities as a young hunter is amazing and is soon realized and appreciated by anyone that spends time in the filed with him. Seth has inherent abilities with either gun or bow and brings a positive can do attitude to the Team.  

Brandon Hess – The most recent addition to RSO, Brandon joined the Team after hunting Gould’s turkey with us in 2015. Brandon brings yet another line of irreplaceable qualities and quickly became “one of the guides” seemingly overnight. Brandon’s exceptional work ethics, organizational skills, diverse hunting abilities and knowledge has resulted in quick success in the field with any client! Brandon is a motivator with focus on achieve and succeed through endless effort is appreciated by everyone in the hunting camp! MEMORY OF – Carlos Mesa
A friend, a husband, a father and a true sportsmen who loved being in the outdoors more than anything.

Like the rest of us, Carlos developed a passion for Coues Deer hunting at the early age of 8, and with many seasons under his belt, Carlos became huge asset to RSO. Carlos left us behind when he passed unexpectedly in 2017. This left a big hole in the hearts of anyone that knew Carlos. Rest in Peace “Mi Amigo” until we meet again.

Rio Sonora Outfitters keeps us all very busy and it’s a lot of work, but with each new sunrise during the season, I enjoy climbing to a glassing point and setting up the Swarovski 12's with the anticipation of seeing the first buck of the day. The Team enjoys meeting new clients and seeing old friends return from year to year to do what we enjoy most. The guides and I find it easy to work hard for great people, especially when they embrace the true challenge of hunting trophy quality Coues Whitetail Deer as much as we do – Brad Fulk

Team RSO














Brad Fulk
Rio Sonora Outfitters, LLC
Hunting in Sonora, Chihuahua Mexico
Cell (520) 559-0642


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