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RSO has several leases in the Sonoran Desert and offers Desert Mule Deer Hunts and on some occasions Mule Deer/Whitetail Combo Hunts. RSO maintains a conservative harvest on all leased properties insuring our clients the best opportunity at high scoring, older age-class bucks during the hunts. RSO partner and Outfitter, Mike Murray along with the ranch owners will host 2-4 hunters/trip and local tracking guides will provide the hunters with their expertise at finding these big, mystical Mule Deer in their desert habitat during the course of the hunts.

All hunts will be based out of a very comfortable and accommodating ranch house. These ranches offer limited topography for glassing, extensive roads systems, and permenate water sources. Some of these ranches have not had any commercial hunting pressure and others very limited hunting as the owners have protected the deer populations to sustain trophy quality animals.  The sonoran desert habitat is open in places and is condusive to glassing from high-points. In addition, the mountainous terrain offers the opportunity for harvesting Coues Whitetail. We all know the chance of seeing a Whitetail on the desert floor exsits as some of the highest scoring bucks in Sonora are taken from the low desert each year. RSO will offer a combination of hunting methods during the course of a hunt to improve your chance of taking a dream buck, including: glassing from high points, utilizing high-racked vehicles to cover large amounts of country, and tracking or a combination of all three as there will be enough guides on the hunts to assist on a 2 on 1 hunt.  The opportunity to harvest a Whitetail buck will be offered as a Trophy species or hunters may have the option of booking a Combo Hunt if available. 

Hunt Options/Costs/Trophy Fees:
The price of the Mule Deer Hunt is $6500.00 plus a Trophy Fee of $3500.00 for a harvested or wounded deer. This price includes 7 days of hunting, 2 guides per hunter, Firearm Registration, and Hunting License. During the seven day hunt, hunters may have the option of taking a Whitetail for a Trophy Fee of $3500.00.

If the Combo Hunt is available, the cost is $9000.00 plus the $3500.00 Trophy Fee for the Mule Deer and $1,000.00 Trophy Fee for Whitetail. This price includes 9 days of hunting, 2 guides per hunter, Firearm Registration and Hunting License. 

If the opportunity exsist for the harvest of a second deer, the following fees apply; $5,500.00 for Mule Deer and $3,000.00 for Whitetail. No trophy Fees apply to second deer.

Hunters will stay in a very well equipped, comfortable modern ranch house loacated on one of the properties equipped with all the amenities of home including; electricity, hot running water, shower and comfortable bedrooms.

All food and drinks will be provided on our Premium Guided Hunt, and a camp cook will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the hunters and guides on all hunts.  Meals such as steak, chicken, tacos, hamburgers, pork loin, fish, chili Colorado, bacon, sausage, ham, chorizo, eggs, beans, and tortillas with all the fixins’ will be served as well as snacks during the day.  During the course of the week, Dutch oven peach or apple cobbler and ice cream will be enjoyed to add a finishing touch. The ranch cook adds the right amount of culture to the menu without making it to spicy to enjoy. Table wine and domestic beer is also provided for the hunt.

What to expect on your hunt:
Due to the limited annual harvest, you can expect to see high scoring, older age class bucks.  Several hunting methods will be employed including glassing from highpoints, traveling the road system in a high racked truck, tracking, and setting water holes. With the number of guides available, it may be decided to employ a combination of methods while maintaining communication via radios. 

Each day Hunters will be guided 1 on 1 with a vehicle and driver. During the hunt, groups may split up to glass or make a stalk. This is your hunt and all the options will be employed to make the hunt successful and enjoyable.  Hunters may initially hunt in pairs with an RSO guide as well as a ranch guide, and will occasionally split up while glassing or making stalks.  Hunters will be taken to glassing points and areas of known deer activity, or previously scouted bucks where we will glass/hunt. This is your hunt and there are many hunting options, RSO will do what it takes to best accommodate you and make necessary adjustments to improve your success and make the hunt enjoyable.  Each hunter will be asked to identify any physical limitations, medical conditions, and prior hunting experience. Physical limitations and shooting abilities may affect the success of the hunt. Each hunter will be asked.

Deposits – Tips:
To book a hunt, send a $3500.00 deposit for the Mule Deer Hunt, Liability Release Form, and Personal Information form (supplied by the Outfitter). Based on the order the deposit(s) are received, hunters will be given their choice of hunt dates and ranches available.  If for some reason the Outfitter cannot conduct the hunt due to an emergency, an alternate arrangement will be coordinated with the ranch owner/guides and the hunt will be conducted as planned or 100% of your deposit will be refunded.  Hunters that choose to cancel the hunt will either forward their deposit toward a replacement hunter or forfeit the deposit for costs accrued.  The remaining balance of the hunt cost is due via Money Order or Cashiers Check, made out to Rio Sonora Outfitters, one month prior to the departing date into Mexico for the hunt. It is suggested that each hunter tip the cook(s) and cowboy guide $100.00 each for their good service and hard work. Hunters are responsible for the cost of personal Visa’s. 

RSO will apply for Firearm Transportation Permits (FTP) for Mexico in October prior to the season.  Each FTP allows for the registration of (2) firearms and 50 rounds of ammunition per firearm with caliber restrictions of .30 or less.  RSO recommends rifles of .270 caliber or larger for the hunts sighted in for a 300 yard zero. 

Equipment – Border Crossing:
Sonoran Desert Mule Deer and Coues Whitetail are a couple of the most challenging species to hunt in the desert due to their size, habits, terrain they are found in, and the physical requirements of the hunt. At a minimum, all hunters should be in good physical shape and equipped with a quality pair of 10X binoculars attached to a solid tripod (15X are preferred), a quality spotting scope, 800 yard range-finder, a rifle capable of repeatable long-range accuracy out to 600 yards that the hunter is very familiar with and has knowledge of the rifles ballistics, and a comfortable backpack to carry needed equipment. Hunters should not worry about crossing the International Border with any of the hunting equipment. 

All the required FTP’s, license, and completed declaration forms will be in your possession prior to departing for the hunt.  Hunters driving in will meet on the morning of departure at the Outfitter’s residence in Hereford (directions will be provided), or will be picked up at a Hotel in Sierra Vista, AZ.  We take the headache out of the Border crossing and provide a safe, timely crossing. The Outfitter, and or guide(s) will assist with purchasing Personal Visa’s at the International Border, firearm inspections, and will assist with all Inspection points in Mexico.  Beginning January1, 2008 all people traveling into Mexico are required to show a valid Passport upon their return to the U.S.  Two forms of identification are required to purchase your Visa in Mexico, Passport, Drivers License or original Birth Certificate.

Trophy Care:
The Outfitter and or guide(s) will prepare all trophies for transport back to the States on all hunts. The capes will either be frozen or placed on ice, and all skulls boiled, cleaned, and tagged before leaving the ranch. RSO will complete all forms needed for the hunt and will provide each hunter with the following; U.S.F.W.S Declaration Form, U.S.D.A. Notice of Arrival Form, Ranch Hunting Contract and the Ranch Hunt Authorization Form. These documents along with the Firearm Transportation Permit will be given to each hunter prior to entering Mexico on the hunt. Hunters are responsible for any quarantine and associated costs placed on their trophies by the U.S.D.A. at the Border. If the trophy is quarantined, hunters must select a U.S.D.A. approved Taxidermist for inspection and processing. Once trophies are inspected and cleared, they can be taken to any Taxidermist of choice for mounting. Please visit to locate a U.S.D.A. approved Taxidermist in your area. 

We are looking forward to the hunt!

Rio Sonora Outfitters is a professional hunting Outfitter that really enjoys being in the field with our clients. We plan your hunt seriously and look forward to hunting with you. Please let me know if you need advice on the type and caliber of rifle to shoot, how it needs to be zeroed in for the hunt, or the type of range work that will benefit you the most. “Your Success is Our Success”!  Please call or send an e-mail with any questions.



















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