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OCELLATED TURKEY HUNTS FROM RIO SONORA OUTFITTERS, LLC Sonora Outfitters teamed up with Arturo Vazquez Malo on his extensive lease for Ocellated turkey. Arturo operates a very professional hunting operation out of the city of Campeche, Mexico. Over the past decade, hunters have regularly experienced 100% hunt success for Ocellated turkey in the camps run by Arturo. 
RSO is confident this is the type of Ocellated Hunt that U.S. hunters are looking for. These hunts are reasonably priced and have prompt service including great camps, great cooks and food, in addition to a large lease with a great bird population to support hunt success! 
Below you can review many photos of successful hunters, camp settings, and other species of game available to hunt during the four days in the field. Details of the travel and hunting arrangements are also explained. Please call to inquire about available hunt dates and prices for additional species available.


(Above) are personal friends of RSO, Ken Werling and Kevin Miller.
While on their hunt, both was very impressed with all aspect of the 
hunt and were able to take a Great Curassow (R) andOcellated Turkey.

(Above) are a couple groups of hunters that did very well. Hunting conditions are good and hunts may finish 
early leaving plenty of time to hunt other species or go site seeing at the local Mayan ruins.
(Above) Local Mayan Ruins Historic site in along the route to hunting camp

Hunt Prices and Species Availability: 
Ocellated turkey hunts are $3500.00 and are four days in length and include everything other than your travel arrangements to the city of Campeche City,  Mexico and any Hotel lodging required. A second bird is a $350.00 tag fee plus $1150.00 upon kill/wound. Other species listed below are available for during the hunt as there is ample time to hunt these game animals during the turkey hunt (call or email for current pricing).  All trophy care and preparation for export/import is provided, including license and all documents required to legally export/import the trophies, shotguns and ammunition, guides and transportation.  Hunters are required to pay all costs associated with the commercial trophy import process, including associated shipping and handling fees to the USDA Approved Taxidermist (approx. $350.00 per animal) due to the CITES status of the species.

Above is a photo of a Brockett Deer, 
Below is a Crested Guan.

Four Day - Ocellated or Brockett Deer hunt : $3,500.00   /    Second Bird - $350.00 for tag and $1150.00 upon kill/wound
Other Species :  Great Curassow - Crested Guan – White Lipped Peccary – Brockett Deer

Contact RSO for available hunt dates:

Destination / Travel Arrangements: 
Flight arrangements need to be made to fly into Mexico City and catch daily connecting flights available directly to Campeche, Mexico where you will be greeted by Arturo or his staff for pick-up on the first day of the hunt. Hunters will travel to the hunting camp approximately 2-3 hours and will arrive prior to the evening dinner.  The hunt will be conducted for the next four days from camp. On the return, hunters will leave hunting camp on the morning of the sixth day after breakfast and travel back to Campeche for the return flight. Hunters will arrive back to the airport prior to 1200 noon and will be able to make the flight back to Mexico City that afternoon or overnight in fly out the following morning.  Hunters will communicate all flight arrangements with Arturo prior to the hunting season to allow for planning and coordination for pick-up and travel to and from hunting camp.

Hunting / Camp Accommodations 
All hunters will have their own guide for a 1 on 1 hunt and each hunt will begin on the second day of the trip and end after fourth day of hunting. One day hunt extensions can be made to hunt additional species if requested. 
Hunters will be treated to a light breakfast at 0430 hours which consists of juice, coffee, cereal, fruit, or toast and will travel to hunting areas and return around 1000 hours for a full, late breakfast.  Hunters will return to the field at 1500 hours and will hunt until dark and return to camp. Hunters will be transported in 4x4 Suburban’s or Jeeps.  Quality shotguns are provided along with appropriate ammunition. 
The hunting camp is established on the lease and consists of four tents with two beds each and room to accommodate eight hunters total.  The bathroom is regular style with gravity water provided from a well located on the lease.  A diesel generator provides power to the camp for fans, lights and a freezer for food and capes. 
The camp cooks own and operated a restaurant in Campeche and are adverse in serving their customers properly. Meals are Mexican style but not too spicy and include; steak, fresh fish or seafood, and turkey. All the soft drinks, bottled water is provided, and hunters have the option of purchasing their own alcohol in Campeche prior to leaving for camp. 
The temperature in the area during turkey season averages in the 70 degrees at night and may reach well over 100 degrees during the daytime.  In April and May it is usually dry, however an occasional rain shower brings relief to the warm conditions, thus rain gear is not recommended. Typical hunting gear includes; light hiking boots, long-sleeve camo shirts, light camo pants, shorts, bug repellent, head lamp and small flashlight, head-net, sunscreen, and camera, bath towel and wash cloth. 
Prior to leaving on the hunt, hunters need to contact a local USDA Approved Taxidermist that is certified for HPAI to treat birds from Mexico. The trophies may be sent to this taxidermist to accept and process the trophies once imported. This is a USDA-APHIS requirement and the link will assist you in choosing an Approved Taxidermist from your area. 
Please advise Arturo of this information prior to the hunt. Arturo may have the option of completing a “group shipment” to a selected Approved Taxidermist after the season is complete. Please be aware, the Ocellated turkey is a CITES species unlike the Gould’s turkey a commercial import process is required for the trophies by the Outfitter. The cost of the hunt does not include the associated transport, handling and shipping fees to deliver your trophy to the Approved Taxidermist. The service is conducted by the Outfitter for you travel convenience and will notify you of the associated costs after the trophies are imported and shipped to the Approved taxidermist (approximately $350-450.00). Hunters are responsible for paying the trophy processing fee charged by the Approved Taxidermist.

Camp accommodations; sleeping tent and dinning hall.

Booking a Hunt / Deposits: 
To book a hunt send $1750.00 to the following address: Rio Sonora Outfitters, 4757 E. Dead Coyote Ln. Hereford, AZ 85615.  Once a deposit is received, your hunt dates will be reserved. All deposits are non-refundable, however, if an emergency arises, hunts may be reserved for the following year if the spot can be filled.














Brad Fulk
Rio Sonora Outfitters, LLC
Hunting in Sonora, Chihuahua Mexico
Cell (520) 559-0642


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